About Me

Here I am starting up a blog to define and share one of the most versatile and seductive delights here on earth. Chocolate. Specifically Vegan chocolate. It’s a gorgeous world and if your here reading his you probably at least have an interest in making it a better place. I sure do! And that means protecting, loving and respecting it, and it’s inhabitants.

My name is Amber, I’m a vegan. I’m a member of Amnesty International, PETA and Green Peace.  I’ve been  known to cause the odd awkward silence at family & friend gatherings with my rantings…  My vegan-ism is a (relatively) quiet, nurturing and peaceful form of my activism. Now let’s talk about CHOCOLATE!

What is vegan Chocolate? Vegan means an aversion to using or consuming animal products. So what animal products do you find in CHOCOLATE? You’ll find  dairy products like milk or cream, sometimes you’ll find egg.. gross!  Believe it or not, they use the ash of dead animals to produce  most sugar.

The cocoa bean is NOT an animal product and they don’t always  add any to it to offer you quality dark chocolate. Vegan chocolate is delicious! Vegan chocolate is seductive!Vegan Chocolate is cruelty Free!!!!!!! But where do you find it??  You CAN buy all sorts of  delicious decedent chocolate confections. Just make sure the chocolate is Fair trade (who needs to support child slave labor?) and  that they don’t use bone-ash filtered sugar (it’ll say Vegan on the package).. but I think you should roll up your sleeves, get a candy thermometer and we’ll make a big batch of to-die-for vegan caramel nut clusters smothered in rich dark to-die-for vegan chocolate…. so go get that thermometer, make sure it goes up past 250′F and I’ll give you the recipe in a couple of days!