Vegan Sweetie Super Sea Turtle Clusters (makes 20)

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No matter what nuts or fruits you use in this recipe the results will be mind blowing!
50 pecan halves
50 cashews
20 pieces of vegan caramel
100g of dark dairy free chocolate
Assorted topping choices: chili flakes, dried mango slices, cranberries, coconut, coffee beans, hemp seeds, nuts…

On a greased cookie sheet arrange pecan halves and cashews in flower-like groups of 5 (Think of them as having 4 legs and a head). Place a caramel on top in the center of each 5 nuts. Gently put the tray in the oven… DON”T GO ANYWHERE. With the oven on as low as it goes, check them every 3 minutes until the caramels are slightly melted. If it toasts.. well, it’s still good, but more like toffee. Remove tray from oven and let cool.
Break up your chocolate in a double boiler and melt.
When it’s smooth you can spoon it onto the clusters. Make sure to cover the caramel but you can leave the tips of the nuts exposed (like little feet and a head).
Before the chocolate sets you can arrange your toppings on top. Get creative with color and combinations. Cater to the season! Chill your tray of creations in the fridge until set then use a thin stainless steel flipper to scrap them gently off.
These chewy melt in your mouth works of art will thrill the pickiest sweet tooth!

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