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Chocolate PB Rice Crispie squares

Posted on 02/17/12 No Comments

Maybe it’ s the weather, but I’ve been into quick and crunchy snacks these dreary wet days. I want to whip up something and much great big hunks of it while I contemplate the inevitability of Spring. These are probably better set… but I just can’t seem to wait. Warm and sticky will do! you’ll need: [...]

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Emergency Chocolate/Peanut Butter Puffed Wheat Squares!!!!!

Posted on 02/12/12 No Comments

If you’re going to eat a whole pan of something… let the bulk be “puffed”. These babies “should” set in the fridge at last a half hour…. but I like to start eating them right away. In large bowl measure out about: 7 c. Puffed Wheat In a sauce pan, bring to a simmer stirring [...]

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