The Wild side of Vegan Sweetie Hot Chocolate in the Raw;)

Posted on 02/27/11 1 Comment

OK.. so I add some strange things to my food. But how would I know if I didn’t wing it? Eating by the seat of my pants…? The first bread I ever under took was a Moosewood cookbook swirl loaf. It called for carob.. I used cocoa. Not bad, right? The other part was supposed to be regular and light coloured. Well, I added artichoke hearts and asiago cheese (pre-vegan days). It rose in all it’s swirled glory but if my wonderful supportive man didn’t eat anything I made in madness or otherwise.. it may have ended up in the compost. I’ve come a LONG way since then.. and learned a lot. Now I just like to kick things up a little, add nutrition, maybe a little spice and have fun with it. It’s my kichen anyways, ha!

This is a wonderful drink for the chills of a winter that just never seems to end! This is Vancouver, it’s almost March… and it’s bloody well SNOWING!!!

For each large mug:

Pour in about a 1/4 cup of almond milk (or whatever)
Heap in a good TBSP of RAW cocoa (you can make due with regular, or even carob)
Mix it. I have a fetish for those little tiny whisks. It may take a bit of whisking to get it to go smooth. You can do it!!
Add a dash of cinnamon, and a dash of cayenne… now here’s a strange idea,, and it’s GOOD. Ahem.
Do you have any Togarashi?? Nanami or Shichimi will do. Togarashi means “Spice” in Japanese. They usually contain chili, pepper, seaweed, citrus, sesame or poppy seeds..

A dash of this stuff is recommended. But if you do add it.. don’t bother adding the regular cayenne, oh no.. you’ve moved on from there! Inhibitions of your kitchen are tumbling like Jenga blocks!! Welcome to the wild side!!!!!!

But I’m not done….
Also add a dash of turmeric (it’s good for your brain)
and a few gratings of fresh nutmeg… you’ve come this far.

Now enjoy it.

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  1. Lesly says:
    Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 8:44pm

    Woop woop to you!I found your blog today and cannot stop randieg it. Your writing is very simple and yet beautiful, you are very inspiring so please keep it up! How long have you been vegan for? Has it been since August 08?I went vegan last October and relate a lot to the things that you say. Thankfully, I didn’t become vegan because I was ill. I decided it was time for me to open my eyes to the harsh reality of the animals’ condition, the damage caused to the environment and to my body.Thanks for sharing your experience. Your blog is now listed in my favourites!Alex


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